The spirits of dead Nephilim:
(Become Demons: The disembodied spirits of the Nephilim) 

  The death of the Nephilim during the great flood created an impossible spiritual scenario. Where does the evil spirit of an angelic/super-human hybrid go after death? Could they repent of their sins and be SAVED as normal human men and women have the chance to do?

  These angelic/super-human hybrids are to have no part in the resurrection according to Isaiah 26:14. They are caught between two worlds. The spiritual world that is Satan's realm, and being confined here on earth where they must wonder longing once again to possess a body of flesh. Demons are creatures doomed to existence on earth. For the Nephilim, there was no heavenly hope since they were never a product of God's creative hand. Demons are the disembodied spirits of those races of giants that ruled the world before the flood. The spirits of the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. They are the spiritual personification of all that is evil and wicked that were fathered by Satan's corrupt messengers. Demons are not angels but they are spirit-beings. They are the corrupt product of Satan's experimentation with human/angelic genetic manipulation. They are the spirits of beings born without souls and void of anything godly.

   Demons roam the earth seeking to possess the flesh of humans, which they once were clothed in as the Nephilim through spiritual--demonic possession. Jesus, during His ministry on earth dealt with demons on numerous occasions; casting them out of those they held in their control (whom they possessed) and He restored all those they held captive to normal sanity once again. Demons are a part of Satan's army; and are powerful creatures in their own right. However, they do not have the full range of power(s) that angels possess. Jesus identified Satan as Beelzebub (or Baalbamoth) the Prince of the power of the Air, Lord of those that fly, or, flit. The demons are Satan's subjects. Zebub is a Hebrew verb, which means to flit from place to place. Demons can only flit (jump, leap or bound) from place to place they cannot fly as angels can. They are the imperfect and perverted design of Satan that comes from the interbreeding of that which was meant to stay of the heavenly realm (Angelic-spirit realm) and that which is meant to be of earth (Human fleshly realm). Their only purpose is to try to thwart the work of God and His people. Below is a chart that shows the different levels of authority, Satan's Forces vs. God.

Satan's Army: Vs:        God’s Army:
Satan                                        God-the Father-the Son-the Holy Spirit.
Evil Rebellious Angels             Faithful Loyal Angels
Demon spirits (bound to the earth)    *Christians with the Power of Holy Spirit

* We must never forget that demons are powerful creatures. However, they are bound to this earth. As true believers in Jesus Christ, we are not bound by the limitations of this earth but are seated in heaven with Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6).
We have the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to take authority over the demonic world in Jesus Mighty Name.